This one funky product surely knows how to wow the crowd and put smiles on the faces of everyone - from toddlers to grandpas. To put it simply, it's a self-propelled record player that plays music while spinning on the record. Weighing only 111g, the compact RECORD RUNNER® easily fits in the palm of your hand.

As one of our retailers calls it, “There’s something magical about this damned thing like watching dolphins reproduce or bears eating really good beef jerky” (Turntable Lab).

The RECORD RUNNER® has a long history, probably longer than many of you reading this right now. And it all starts at a company you are all familiar with…Sony.


“Reverse engineering leads to “Chorocco” (1976)

Instead of a stationary needle, the needle moves around the surface of a stationary record. A record player with built-in speakers, Chorocco was developed for promotional use only and was first displayed as part of an exhibit at an internal Sony idea contest established to encourage all employees to adapt unconventional thinking. Chorocco came complete with both a motor enabling the car to run around the surface of a record and a cartridge on its undercarriage to ensure the needle remained within the record grooves”

-- Excerpt from “SONY DESIGN MAKING MODERN” Rizzoli New York

Through the years, the Chorocco has shifted names several times, from the RECORD RUNNER, RECORD RIDER, to SOUNDWAGON, to Vinyl Killer. Through the 40+ years from Sony, Tamco, Hi Tec and now STOKYO, in 2014, STOKYO decided to finally give a massive update for our little friend.

The current model featured in various movies, dramas and manga is a re-creation of the popular Type-2 wagon-bus from Volkswagen.


Not only did the name revert back to one of our favorites, but we updated some valuable pieces internally and externally!

The mechanism and parts materials have been thoroughly improved, with a newly adopted speaker and amplifier drastically improving sound quality quality than prior models, driven by an all new Patent-pending mechanism. 

    In 2017 we released our Bluetooth Beta, now available with our newest Nissan Super Z, and in 2020 with our VW model.

    Assembly is handled carefully by our team in Japan, one-by-one to bring a quality build and finish unlike no other, and with each firmware update (currently V. 5.0), we are constantly improving sound quality and performance.

    The world's smallest self-propelled portable record player that can be enjoyed by all music fans from Collectors, Enthusiasts, DJs and record collectors.

    ⚠️ WARNING: The RECORD RUNNER ® is not a Toy. The RECORD RUNNER ® is intended for people able to operate the player & records and “NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN”. We advise you not to operate on invaluable records.


    Product name RECORD RUNNER
    Maker STOKYO
    Color Cherry Red Magenta Royal Blue
    Part number RR-18CR RR-18MGT RR-18RB
    JAN 4560225526168 4560225526991 4560225526175
    Country of origin Japan
    Content item

    RECORD RUNNER main body, sticker, manual (English & Japanese)

    Body Size Width 120mm Length 60mm Height 55mm
    Body Weight About 111g
    Package Size Horizontal 145mm Vertical 88mm Height 62mm
    Package Included Seight Body + Manual + Sticker + Package
    About 160g
    Power Supply 2 x AAA batteries (Batteries are not included with this product, please prepare separately)
    Price Open Price
    Released in Japan October 20, 2017 May 16, 2018 October 20, 2017
    • Made in Japan
    • Speed ​​Manual Control Knob (playback speed can be fine-tuned)
    • Audio Technica cartridge and replaceable record needle are adopted
    • 33-rpm (33 rpm) record playback is possible
    • Amplifier / speaker Built-in
    • Drive for about 90 minutes with two AAA batteries
    • Volume control
    • Automatic stop function
    • LED Track / Power light that can check the power status at a glance,

    Speed corresponding to changes in the status of the record board such as temperature and humidity

    Equipped with adjustment changeover switch

    • Volkswagen® officially licensed product
    • Supported in Asian, American and European countries.
    • Loved by record collectors all over the world